Director of Youth Education

Director of Youth Education


Elaine Loggi

Director of Youth Education

Director of Youth Education

Director of Youth Education


Kate Fady

Youth Group Leader

Director of Youth Education

Youth Group Leader


Janet Smith

Director of Music

Additional Staff Members

Youth Group Leader

Jing Tian Ngiaw 
Director of Music

Jing Tian Ngiaw

Director of Bells

Additional Staff Members

Additional Staff Members


Jacqueline Anderson

Additional Staff Members

Additional Staff Members

Additional Staff Members

Mary Keller - Office Manager

Tim Reynolds - Custodian

Stephanie Desmore - Housekeeper

Elaine Loggi, Pastor

Get to know Elaine!

Elaine grew up in the Rochester area, and returned in Nov. 2019 to begin a call at Summerville Presbyterian Church. She most recently spent six years serving a church in rural Northwest Missouri. Elaine is a graduate of Ithaca College, the University of Maryland, and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. 

In this changing season in the life of the church, Elaine believes that relationships are at the heart of what it means to do ministry. As followers of Jesus, we are called to see the dignity, worth, giftedness, and beloved-ness of every person we encounter, remembering that they bear God’s image just as we do. When we are able to see one another through that lens, we can start to see where our gifts intersect, where we do have common ground even in the midst of profound differences, where we can combine our gifts and energy to do more, where we can gain vocabulary to ask new questions and wrestle with new ideas, how we can expand our understanding of what it means to love one another as Christ has loved us, and reflect that love out into the world around us. 

Elaine and her husband Nate are wanna-be foodies who enjoy cooking, trying new foods and cuisines, and finding hole-in-the-wall restaurant gems. They are enjoying exploring the Rochester area and discovering a new-to-them city with their young daughter. 

Kate Fady, Youth Director


Get to know Kate!

When my own children began attending Sunday school, I recognized the tremendous importance of Christian education, and as well, the call on my life to be part of this ministry. Today, as a grandmother, I’m still teaching Sunday school, and love it!  It’s my hope and prayer that children understand they’re created in God’s image and that Jesus knows and loves them. 


I’ve worked as an artist, in the field of natural-science and botanical illustration and clearly see God’s creative brilliance in all of nature.  Occasionally, I will still participate in exhibits that feature environmental art.  In addition to working at Summerville PresbyteriaIn Church, I like to garden and spend lots of time with my grandchildren.  

Janet Smith, Youth Group Leader




Get to know Janet!

Hello,  My Name is Janet Smith.  I have been a part of Summerville Presbyterian Church since 2006.  I have always had an interest in working with children ever since my daughter started attending Sunday school.  I really enjoy having an impact on the children of the future.    

My family consists of my husband Scott and daughter Barbra (17). Barbie is a junior at West Irondequoit High School. Oh yes!!! I can not forget about my two golden retriever pups.    

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, spending time with my dogs, and being active.  I have been a teacher assistant for 20 years at East Rochester Elementary School.    


Jing Tian Ngiaw, Music Director


Get to know JT!

Jing Tian (JT) Ngiaw has been the Director of Music at Summerville since 2018. She directs the senior choir and is the main keyboardist during Worship. 

Originally from Malaysia, JT grew up in Shanghai, China before coming to the United States to pursue her undergraduate studies at the Eastman School of Music. Now graduated, she now teaches K-8 General Music at Buffalo United Charter School. In her spare time, JT enjoys reading in coffee shops, doing vinyasa flows, holding carpool karaoke sessions and spending time (both physically and virtually) with her loved ones. 

Jacqueline Anderson, Director of Bells


Get to know Jackie!

Jackie has directed handbells for over 30 years at four different churches. She has enjoyed working with the Summerville group since 2013.  Her time has also been spent teaching handbell technique classes for workshops and conferences held in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Jackie is married to husband Robert, has a daughter and a son, both married. She enjoys spending time with her three grandchildren.

In addition to handbells, Jackie enjoys biking and playing the piano.  She spends a lot of time volunteering by playing the piano at a nursing home and accompanying an elementary school chorus.


Scott Woods Memorial Bell Choir

The Scott Woods Memorial Bell Choir has been ringing at Summerville Church for over 50 years! The bells were donated in memory of the child of a member. They include 4 octaves of Whitechapel bells and  3 octaves of Malmark hand chimes. The group plays an anthem once a month in church and often accompanies hymns during the service. 


The choir welcomes new-comers to add to their numbers. They meet Wednesday evenings at Summerville at 6:30pm and offer "on-the-job" training.