Summerville Presbyterian Church

4845 St. Paul Blvd.

Rochester, NY 14617


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We are a compassionate Christian community fostering a personal connection with God for people of all ages and expressing God's love through worship, education, mission, music, and fellowship.

Join us for worship, Sundays, 10:00 a.m. 

Blood Drive coming Saturday, October 7, 2017

Thanks to all who helped with the Spring Clean-up !

Thanks to all who helped with the Spring Garage Sale !

Thanks to all who helped with the Live Nativity!

Thanks to all who helped with the Election Day Bake Sale and the Fall clean-up!

Thanks to all who helped out with the Harvest Festival.

Thanks to those who donated blood

Thanks to the Angel Choir 

 Live Nativity -- see photos on our Facebook page

  • Anyone who attended -- everyone had a chance to eat GREAT Pizza!
  • Two Ton Tony's Pizza - for best sauce and best pepperoni pizza
  • Guida's Pizza -- for best crust
  • Amico's Pizza -- for best cheese pizza.
  • (note: if you are wondering... Two Ton Tony's samples were on the blue plates, Amico's were on the white plates, and Guida's were on the maroon plates.  Voting was close -- now you know!)
Thanks to all of the Pizza competitors and to all who helped!

Neighborhood Volunteer helps trim shrubbery.  Click for video...

See the Video (Childrens' Workshop, September)

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